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~ Buddha

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Heather has made her beautiful transition Saturday night. (Jan 8, 2011)
Please visit the blog page soon - I've got a gallery page started and we will post some photos.

Feel free to send any photos of Heather you would like for me to include.
Send photos to

Also I have opened the comments on the blog. If you would like to post any fun memories you have of Heather. We can collect them and share them at her memorial. Or feel free to email them to me and I will gather them up for Chris to share at the memorial. More info coming soon.

Thank you for all your love and energy during this time of transition,
with love,
Julie Howell, Chris Boynton

Heather Mikayla
Heather is a certified holistic kinesiologist and intuitive holistic therapies practitioner. Some practitioners focus on the physical, others on the chemical balance (nutritional and environmental) and others on the impact of emotional/ negative thought patterns on the wellbeing of the body. Light Bodies, is founded on the idea that there is a fourth path and that is to work on all three of these in conjunction with an understanding of your life purpose. Come find your fourth path today at Light Bodies.

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The flow of the bio-electric energy of your body can become congested by emotional stress, poor nutrition, environmental pollution, negative thinking or physical injury. This congestion can be experienced as pain, confusion, anxiety, etc. Painless Kinesiology techniques can locate this congestion and the flow can be restored. Read what clients have said about working with Heather.
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